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Alfredsson's group

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Alfredsson, Segalini, Örlü Diagnostic plot and implications for wall turbulence (pdf 264 kB)
Alfredsson, Tillmark, Örlü, Hanifi Receptivity in three-dimensional boundary layers (pdf 420 kB)
Kalpakli Vester, Örlü, Tillmark, Alfredsson Complex flows in curved pipes (pdf 1.7 MB)
Kawata, Tillmark, Alfredsson Coherent structures in plane Couette flow with system rotation (pdf 246 kB)
Örlü, Bellani, Talamelli, Segalini, Alfredsson Reynolds stress tensor scaling in turbulent pipe flows (pdf 3.3 MB)
Imayama, Alfredsson, Lingwood Experimental study of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow (pdf 1.2 MB)
Segalini Spectral model for stratified atmospheric flows (pdf 218 kB)
Segalini, Örlü, Alfredsson, Bourgoin High Reynolds number grid-turbulence experiment (pdf 401 kB)
Talamelli, Segalini, Örlü, Schlatter, Alfredsson         Correcting hot-wire spatial resolution effects (pdf 169 kB)
Vernet, Örlü, Efraimsson, Alfredsson Experimental study on bluff body flow control (pdf 205 kB)
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